We inform you that in case if you access our Website, available under the address, we may process your personal data.

We assure you that we care about a security of your data and we make every possible effort to respect your rights. We process personal data according to the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation; hereinafter: GDPR).

Who is a Data Controller?

Plasticon Germany GmbH with is registered office in Dinslaken, Germany, address: Dieselstraße 10, D-46539 Dinslaken, is a data controller of your personal data (hereinafter: Data Controller).

How can you contact a Data Controller?
Contact with a Data Controller is possible via:
a. mail, by sending a letter to the Data Controller’s address: Dieselstrasse 10, D-46539 Dinslaken, Germany
b. an e-mail by sending a message to the address:,
c. telephone, by calling the number: +49 2064 499 299.

What are legal basis for processing your personal data?

1) Visiting our website

If you visit our website, we may process your personal data in connection with our use of cookie files on our website and with storing personal data concerning entering and using a website (logs). Therefore, we may process your personal data, such as your IP address, data about a device that you use, data about your operating system and your Internet service provider as well as statistical data regarding your activity on a website.

In such a case, the legal basis for processing of your personal data is the provision of article 6.1.f) of the GDPR, stating that processing personal data is allowed when it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller. Our legitimate interest is connected with the need to control the traffic on our website, prevent technical errors and bugs, ensure site security, collect statistical data or prevent abuse and violations of law within the application.

When you will enter our website for the first time, we will inform you about our usage of cookie files and ask you for your explicit consent concerning storing these files.

2) Contacting us via e-mail, contact form or phone

If you use a contact form published on our website and you send us a message via this form or you contact us by a phone or via an e-mail, by using contact details presented on our website, we process your personal data (especially data indicated in a contact form, e-mail message or given during a phone conversation) in order to answer your question and contact you back. The necessity to process your personal data in order to answer your question and contact you constitutes our legitimate interest, and the legal basis for data processing in this regard is the provision of article 6.1.f) of the GDPR.

3) Subscribing our mailing list

If you subscribe to our mailing list, the legal basis for processing personal data in this regard is your specific consent. Consequently, we process your personal data on the basis of article 6.1.a) of the GDPR, which states that the processing of personal data is lawful if the data subject has given a consent connected with processing of his or her personal data, for one or more specific purposes.

Who we share your personal data with?

In order to provide you with the ability to use our services, we use support of some external companies. Therefore, personal data that we process may be transferred to a provider of website hosting services:
Host Europe GmbH
Hansestrasse 111
51149 Köln
Tel.: 0049 2203 99341040

If it is necessary to start a business cooperation between us and you, your personal data may also be transferred to other companies within Plasticon group, listed on our website. This especially applies to potential processing personal data within our common CRM system, which is used by all our companies from Plasticon Group.

Within our website we also use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse traffic. This means that we transfer some of users’ personal data to Google Ireland Ltd. and Google LLC – a company based in Mountain View, California. Therefore, we may save Google Analytics’ cookies on your device in accordance with the cookie provisions set out above. The legal basis for transferring data to the USA are Standard Contractual Clauses – special version of an agreement, accepted by the European Commision.

Duration of data processing

We store your personal data only as long as we actually need it, and after that we delete it. Therefore, we can inform you that:
1) if you are a person who entered our website, we process your personal data as long as you use the website and up to one year after your last visit on it,
2) if you are a person who wrote to us by using a contact form on our website or you contacted us by phone or via an e-mail – we process your personal data as long as contact between us and you lasts. After 3 months since the end of the message exchange, we delete the personal data that we obtained in this way,
3) if you have given us a consent to process your personal data (e.g. by singing in to a newsletter), we process these data until you withdraw this consent or we end activities in relation to which such consent was collected.

What rights do I have regarding the processing of my personal data?

In connection with processing your personal data, you have the right to:
1) request access to your personal data,
2) request rectification of your personal data,
3) request erasure of your personal data,
4) request restriction of processing your personal data,
5) request transferring your personal data, if a data processing is based on your explicit consent or an agreement,
6) object to the processing of your personal data, if a data processing is based on the legitimate interest of the data controller,
7) withdraw your consent for processing your personal data at any time, if processing of your personal data is based on consent – which will not affect the correctness of data processing before the consent is withdrawn,
8) lodging a complaint to the supervisory authority – the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

We do not process your personal data for the purpose of automated decision-making based on profiling. Presenting advertisements via social media platforms is based solely on general criteria and is not linked to automatic decision making.

Cookie files

Due to the fact that you visit our website, we use cookies that may be stored on your device. Cookies are small files that enable or facilitate the use of certain functions of our website. They can be saved on your device directly by us or by third parties with whom we cooperate. In connection with using cookies by us, we may process your personal data, such as your IP address, history of your use of the website, or information about the device or software you use. On our website, we also use other technologies similar to cookies that optimize its functioning, and personal data may also be processed in connection with them. If we refer to cookies in this policy, we also mean technologies similar to cookies. Cookies are used to control the traffic on our website, create statistics concerning the use of our website by its users, undertake marketing activities, prevent errors and technical defects, ensure site security or prevent abuse and violations of law.

We may use two types of cookies:

Session cookies: cookies that are stored on your device during the time you use our website (they are deleted when you close your web browser). Session cookies enable the correct use of our website. Blocking them may result in encountering errors or prevent you from using our website.

Persistent cookies: they are stored on your device until they are deleted. They are used to analyse the traffic on our website. We strive to use only the services of such entities that guarantee the security of your device, software and your data. This also applies to cookies used by these entities.

You have the option of limiting or disabling cookies on your device. Settings regarding the use of cookies can be found in the settings of your web browser. Web browsers allow you to disable all cookies or certain groups of cookies (e.g. from third parties). If you disable cookies just partly, cookies used within our website may be saved on your device, enabling the website to function properly. In this case, however, the cookies of the entities with whom we cooperate will not be saved.

Please be aware that if you will block storing cookies on your device, the use of specific services provided by us may be limited, and in some cases may not be possible.


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